Hand Made Designer Candles - Like You've Never Imagined!

Hand Made Designer Candles - Like You've Never Imagined!

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There are now have 2 ways that you can offer Zen Den Candles to your customers

The AUTHORIZED RESELLER PROGAM provides significant Wholesale Pricing Discounts (up to 50% off) for qualified Businesses who can buy our products in volume to stock for their customers. Minimum order is 20 candles (approx $250 - $300)

If you are a retailer and would like to offer our products for sale in your store, shop, boutique - or online - please complete the form below, providing a short description and overview of your business.

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Alternatively - our New BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM is an "Affiliate" program that lets you earn commissions (ranging from 10% to 25%) on candles that are sold through your marketing efforts and promotion - just for recommending our products to your friends, family, fans & followers - without having to stock or purchase any candles directly (as required for the full Authorized Reseller discount).

*You'll also have the chance to earn Complimentary or Discounted Candles for yourself and qualify for Special Promotions, Give-a-Ways, Contests & Awards!


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We can be contacted by email at resellers@zendencandles.com

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